I Have Arthritis, How Can I Handle a Hearing Aid?

Too often patients who have a hearing loss and arthritis are afraid that their arthritis will prevent them from being able to handle a hearing aid.  Rest assured, we have many patients with multiple health problems that create dexterity issues including arthritis.

Here are some of the features available on today’s hearing aids to make them easier to use for patients with dexterity problems.

Hearing Aid Features for Patients with Arthritis

Automatic Circuits
Circuits adjust automatically depending on the listening situation.  No need to worry about adjusting volume controls or pushing buttons.

Automatic Phone Programs
Built in phone programs are automatic as well.  No need to fumble with a manual telephone switch.

Remote Controls
Just like your television set, remote controls were created for use with hearing aids specifically so patients would have an easier time asking adjustments to their hearing aid.

Volume Controls
In the event you still would like to have a manual volume control on your hearing aid, we can help there too.  Most manufacturers can build a “stacked” volume controls, or a larger volume controls for easier adjustment.

Several battery manufacturers have created batteries with larger removal tabs on the battery.  The larger tabs make it easier to replace the battery in your hearing aid.

Battery Insertion
There are special battery doors with a larger lip for easier opening and closing of the battery door.  We can provide a special magnetic tool to help with battery removal and insertion.

Rechargeable Hearing Aids
These hearing aids have batteries that are built in and recharge on a base, negating the need to change to remove and replace the battery every few weeks.

Removing and Inserting a Hearing Aid
Discreet removal handles can be added that make it easier to get your hearing aid in and out of your the ear.

Hearing Aid Styles
Larger styles are easier to handle and have larger batteries that tend to be easier to insert and to remove from your ear.

We know that your arthritis probably keeps you from doing many things you used to do with ease.  Don’t let hearing your friends and family be one of those things.